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Dental Implants Overseas – the Truth Dental Clinics Abroad Want You to Know

The two questions all dental patients ask themselves are: where can I have quality dental treatment done and how much am I going to pay? Let’s be honest: nowadays dental patients, like you, are smart shoppers. They want best quality for best price. Perhaps you have already shopped around locally and you haven’t found dental implants quote you would be happy with. That’s why you are here: to get your facts right, to compare the prices and find a reliable clinic.

Dental implants overseas – never considered that before? What if we told you, you could save anywhere between 25-70% on your treatment and that’s including travel costs? If you are reading this article, you are about to get one step closer to finding the best affordable dental treatment overseas.

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We are going to share with you the facts that dental clinics abroad would like you to know before making your final decision. These include: the most popular destinations chosen by patients, average dental treatment cost per country, most popular dental procedures (cost comparison and savings) and many more.

Get your facts right

But, first… There are many myths surrounding travelling for dental implants overseas. We aim to bust the myths and deliver clear and reliable information to help you make smart decisions. How do we know it? We are dental patients just like you! We have learnt from our own, sometimes painful, experience how difficult it can be to find a reliable clinic that will satisfy your dental needs and will not ruin your budget. We have also listened to satisfied and unsatisfied dental patients reporting their experiences with dentists abroad and in their home countries. You can read some of the patient success stories here. We have been through this so you do not have to. Are you ready for the data? Let’s start.

6 things you need to know about dental treatment overseas:

1. Everybody does it

You may have heard very little about dental tourism before. None of your friends or family members have admitted that they had travelled abroad to get their teeth done? Think about it. Who would readily admit they have fake teeth? Well, not everyone. Few people have no problems with that. The vast majority, however, keeps to themselves. They might post a dental implants review online, engage anonymously on an online forum, but they won’t talk about it with friends. Still, this trend is slowly changing: there are vloggers who post You Tube videos on their dental makeover overseas and show their results. More and more people start talking about their treatments more openly. The fact is that dental treatment overseas has now become a standard practice for many patients looking for quality work and savings. It is estimated that in 2007 over 70,000 British patients had their dental treatment done abroad and this number seems to be constantly growing. If so many people do it, but you haven’t heard about it from your friends, it does not mean this is not happening.

2. The majority of patients of dental clinics abroad are foreigners, just like you!

Do you think you would be the only foreign patient in any clinic abroad? Quite the contrary. Dental clinics in Hungary, Spain or Poland accept hundreds of patients from abroad every month. You are their target customer – and it gives you the edge! Foreign dentists know the needs and wants of their international patients. They know them and they work with them. Dental professionals aim at delivering you the highest quality dental care for the most affordable price because they know they have to compete with British, Irish or American dentists in terms of service quality and price.

Here is the list of the most often chosen destinations as per the patient’s home country:

Patients’ home countryMost popular destinationsOther popular destinations
UKSpain, PolandBulgaria, Hungary
IrelandHungary, SpainTurkey
AustraliaIndia, ThailandMexico
Germany / Austria / SwitzerlandPoland, Bulgaria Hungary
NorwayItaly, CroatiaSpain
SwedenSpain, TurkeyHungary
FinlandBulgaria, Turkey Poland
FranceSpain, HungaryPoland
RussiaUkraineSpain, Poland

As you can see the British prefer to visit sunny Spain or Poland for their dental work, however they also travel to other European and Asian destinations such as Croatia, Turkey, India or Romania. Spain is also an extremely popular dental holiday destination for the Irish, the Swedish and the French. Scandinavian patients tend to travel to exotic Turkey, Bulgaria or Hungary – no wonder, these are the most popular places for dental tourism. The Russians usually choose their neighbouring country, Ukraine, but also often visit Poland or Spain. What is your favourite destination?

3. You can do thorough research online, without leaving your home.

Yes, it is possible. Or… we can do the search for you! Tell us about your teeth condition, your destination preferences, budget and expectations and we will deliver you a list of 3 dental clinics that are exactly for you. Simply go to dentalimplantsfriends Clinic Matching Test and fill in the form. Alternatively, if you prefer to browse dental clinics yourself, just click on the list of popular dental clinics abroad and you can begin your search. On the right hand side of the page you will see your search options. You can browse by:

  1. Popular destinations
    If you have a preferred destination in mind, just click on the country name – we will show you all the clinics we list for that given country. If you haven’t decided yet where to travel, click on All destinations. Alternatively, you may also click on several countries of your choice and have a good look around.
  2. Cosmetic dentistry treatment. If you know you need a specific cosmetic treatment, you can choose from these below:
    Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation
    Dental Crown
    Teeth Cleaning
    Teeth Whitening
  3. Restorative dentistry. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, search for your restoration options. These include:
    Bone Graft
    Dental Bridge
    Dental Implant
    Mini Dental Implants
    Restoration of Implants

If you don’t know yet which treatment you need, check all the boxes. You will also be sure that the all the clinics which will be shown match your needs.

4. Travelling for dental implants overseas doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just think of it as another exciting holiday. Find a cheap flight on sites like Skyscanner or Expedia.Try dentalimplantsfriends tips and tricks for booking cheap flights:

  • always check the flights on a weekday (for example Monday or Tuesday). Most people search for air tickets when they are free during the weekend and airlines are known to drive up the prices on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • follow a few airline Facebook fan pages – from time to time they announce special discounts. You have to be fast – deals like this are gone within minutes or hours.
  • check the flight’s details and cost, note them down and then check it again the next morning – it often happens that the flight cost is lower the next day. Also try to book flights at least 6 weeks in advance.
  • mix & match – if one-way flight price looks more attractive than the return flight price, book the return flight with some other provider. If it’s convenient, go for a different airport as well.
  • search for the air fare not the destination – use a tool like kayak.com/explore to find multiple airline fares at a time, and then pick the cheapest one to your destination.
  • try to leave on a Wednesday first flight in the morning or take a red-eye flight – these are usually the cheapest times to travel.

Travelling abroad doesn’t have to be complicated. Want more? Dental clinics overseas know what your needs are, therefore they deliver. Many of them offer free or paid airport pickup, pickup from the hotel to the clinic and some of them even do hotel discounts or provide accommodation. Do not be shy – when you contact the clinic, ask as many details as you can. You’d be surprised how much they have to offer. Did you know that 100% of the clinics in Hungary offer hotel pickup and 88% of them airport pickup, in Bulgaria 100% of the clinics we list offer hotel pickup, and 85% of our listed dental clinics in Romania offer airport and hotel pickup. As you can see nowadays travelling has become easier than ever.
Did you know that there are dental clinics which have offices both locally and abroad? Such a clinic is Dental Implant Point London and Dental Implant Point Budapest. You can visit the London office for a quick consultation and X-rays and then jump on the plane to Budapest to have the recommended treatment done at affordable prices (just compare the cost of a single dental implant in London EUR 1,568 with the Budapest price EUR 960).

5. The secret of affordable dental implants in dental clinics abroad is…

Have you ever wondered why dental care is actually cheaper in Europe, Asia or Mexico? Is it of lower quality? The answer is no. Think about the cost of running a dental office in London, Berlin or New York – they are astronomical. Dental offices and clinics in the UK or US are expensive to keep and are usually luxuriously furnished, sporting big screen TVs and high-end decorations. In Europe, Asia or Mexico things are kept simple. Décor in dental clinics is minimal, the offices are clean, hygienic but not overdone. Still the waiting rooms are spacious and comfortable. Dental professionals overseas focus on quality of their service rather than the décor. Have a sneak peek into one of the European dental clinics we list.

dental clinic poland

6. Your local dentist might have his lab work done overseas.

So many patients benefit from affordable dental services abroad, dentists do it, too. Surprised? Currently, there is a boom on dental labs abroad. They do crowns, veneers, dentures, bridges, etc. for the fraction of the price. Some UK or American dentists have their own laboratories but many of them outsource their lab work to European or other countries. Dentists send your tooth impressions to a lab overseas and the lab sends the work back after a couple of weeks. That is why it takes some time. If your local dentist trusts them, then why pay double? Why not go to the source? The waiting time will be definitely shorter.
Some local dentists attempt to talk their patients out of travelling abroad because of supposedly low quality materials and poor dental care. Can you believe those are the same dentists who outsource their lab work to foreign countries?

Who are DentalimplantsFriends and how we can help you?

We are dental patients just like you. We have asked patients about the most important factor which they look at when they select a dental clinic. Considerable number of patients said that top quality customer service and easy and simple access to information were among the most crucial factors. We believe that transparency is of key importance here: dental patients have the right be well-informed at all times. Now picking a dental clinic for your treatment is easy and problem-free.
Thanks to www.dentalimplantsfriends.com you get free access to:

  • Dental Implants Guide – all you have to know about tooth implants
  • Dental Clinic Matching Test: easy and fast tool to help you choose the clinic you need
  • Discount Vouchers for dental treatment
  • The most frequently compared dental clinics
  • The most detailed clinic profiles
  • Best Dental Clinics Ranking
  • List of clinics with Trusted Dental Clinic certificate

Why are Dental Implants Friends unique?

  • We know. We have the data.
    If you are looking for a dental clinic that can perform certain treatment for you, there is no need to search further. You are in the right place. If you are looking for dental implants, we will not spam your e-mail with details of clinics which specialize mainly in teeth whitening and vice versa. We are here to deliver accurate and transparent information and to help you make an informed and smart choice. Nowhere else will you find such detailed information base. We are constantly updating it and developing new content for you.
  • We look at options for you to pay less.
    On dentalimplantsfriends.com you can compare up to 3 dental clinics at a time. You will see side by side comparison including dental implant cost, years of experience, what treatments are offered, etc. If your priority is affordability, the comparison will help you fish out the best dental implants deals abroad. It is entirely up to you to decide what clinic you wish to start your treatment with. We would be happy we could help.
  • We carefully screen dental clinics we list on dentalimplantsfriends. The clinics need to provide transparent and complete data: treatment options offered, treatment cost, date of establishment of the clinic, the number of implants placed a year, travel assistance, etc. It is especially important that clinics provide the price for a single dental implant (with abutment, crown, etc.). Only dental clinics which submit up-to-date and complete information can be listed on our platform.

Dental Implants Overseas – which destination shall I choose?

There are so many destinations to choose from. To make your decision easier we have gathered some useful statistics. Below you can find a list of most popular countries according to international dental patients.

cheap dental implants abroad

Overseas dental implants top 10 destinations

Here is the average and minimum cost of dental implant per country:

Country Average single dental implant costMinimum single dental implant cost
Bulgaria 774 EUR600 EUR
Croatia 1041 EUR900 EUR
Hungary 898 EUR719 EUR
India 419 EUR200 EUR
Ireland 1892 EUR500 EUR
Italy 1750 EUR1,300 EUR
Mexico 1358 EUR793 EUR
Poland1081 EUR897 EUR
Romania 807 EUR512 EUR
Serbia 674 EUR475 EUR
Spain 950 EUR900 EUR
Thailand 1692 EUR1280 EUR
Turkey 724 EUR550 EUR
UK 1988 EUR1200 EUR
Ukraine518 EUR400 EUR

Dental implant treatments have been around for about 20 years, however, in the past getting clear information was difficult – patients had to base their choice on word-of-mouth, the quality of clinics’ marketing campaign or, sometimes, simply luck.
We are lucky we live in the Internet era where almost all information is available on the web. Your first choice would be to look for a dental clinic on the Internet. To get some background information you can use Internet forums, for example dentistry-forums.com, udent.com, realself.com, checkdent.com, dentalfearcentral.org, archwired.com (forum for braces wearers but not only), patient.info or dentalimplantcostguide.com. On these forums you can find discussions about dental implants and reviews from people who have had treatments at various clinics abroad. Where else can you find reliable, unbiased information?

Patients also use comparison websites or patient platforms where they can find reliable dental clinics, for example sites like whatclinic.com, medigo.com or placidway.com. dentalimplantsfriends.com is used by patients who are looking for a trusted clinic overseas offering dental implant treatment. The number of patients visiting our platform is increasing daily. In 2016 we helped hundreds of dental patients from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Norway, among others. With us you save time and money and are able to find reliable information instantly.

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  1. My brother recommended I might like this site. He was entirely right. I guess he thinks I need to sort out my teeth hahaha 😉

  2. This site has been such a help. I’ve found cheap dental work overseas, to be specific – in Croatia through their fanpage. I saw some before & after pics of patients, no botched jobs, all looked very professional.

  3. Hi, I’m looking for cheap dental implants abroad. I need 6 implants on the top and overdentures too (all-on-6) and a couple of crowns on my bottom teeth. Not sure if I need anybone graft or even root canal treatment. Where’s the cheapest but good quality place in Europe I can go?

  4. I’d avoid Asia, Thailand. I think it’s more reasonable to travel somewhere closer, Poland (cheap short flights), Croatia or maybe bulgaria. Cheap dental implants abroad are not cheap, I mean they’re not like 50 pounds per implant. It’s an expensive material/ I know what I’m talking about –
    my sister-in-law is a dental nurese. 800 quid for an implant is still a good price in poland compared to 2,00 here in the UK. and people here dont care about their teeth. My uncle had a tooth abcess and the infection reached his jaw bone. He had to have serious oral surgery done!! That’s not for me.

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