Dental Implants
Worldwide Costs Guide

When choosing a dental clinic it is important to compare prices and make sure there are no hidden costs!

Treatment cost

As dental implants treatments abroad are often less expensive, saving anywhere between 25% and 75%, you could combine your treatment with an exotic holiday, all for the price of the treatment in your country alone. However, you need to be aware that the quoted price does not always include all the costs of procedures needed during the whole process.

Different for each one

As a guide to help you make a conscious choice, the information below can be helpful in making your choice of clinic. However, as individual circumstances vary it is important to go beyond the statistics, to ask as many questions as you can and to trust your own ‘gut feeling’ about a clinic. You need to feel that a clinic and its surgeons are a good fit for you.

Dental Implants Worldwide Costs Guide
– Map and Table

(all costs in EUR)

CountryAverage price EURMin price EURMax price EUR
Costa Rica122010501500
Czech Republic10909301380
Dominican Republic875875875
South Korea152015201520
United Arab Emirates26728403700
United Kingdom120012001200
  • When comparing the prices pay attention to:

    • The final total cost
    • The cost of travel, transport, hotels and food
    • Value for money
    • Any special offers the clinic may be running
    • Waiting times at the clinic
  • Grand Total Cost

    A clinic’s initial quoted price may differ greatly from the final total cost. As each individual course of course of treatment varies, requiring additional procedures, so will the final cost. Often the price of a standard procedure does not include the cost of the implant itself, the crown or other parts of the implant, so be cautious and determine whether the price quoted includes these. Don’t forget to include all ancillary expenses such as initial consultations, X-rays and other tests, painkillers etc, as these can mount up. Be careful to check what is and what is not included in the quoted price.

    To simplify the process, it might be a good idea to ask for a full costing including all expenses.

    What you pay for

    Check the standards, staff experience and from which manufacturer the clinic gets their dental implants. Evaluate how friendly the clinic is and if you can easily communicate with them.
    You may find a clinic offering an attractive price, but if it doesn’t feel like a good fit, it may be better to continue your search for another clinic which is a bit better and not much more expensive.

    Travel expenses

    Don’t forget to budget for any additional travel and accommodation expenses. Such costs can bump up the total cost of your treatment, making the initial quoted price seem much less attractive. Consider combining your treatment with your annual holiday to keep expenses to a minimum.

    Comparing treatment costs from one clinic to another may not be of value if you are not sure what are you paying for and what is included in the price. To ensure that you are fully informed must ask the right questions, which are:

    What is the course of treatment for ME and how much does it cost?

    Doctors at a clinic should have access to your medical history including any medical conditions that might have contraindications to using dental implants and any allergies. The doctor will advise you whether you are a suitable candidate for dental implants by analyzing your general oral health by carrying out an intraoral examination, taking x-rays, radiographs and other diagnostic procedures. All this will help the doctor assess the quality and quantity of your bone, as well as any periodontal diseases or misalignment of the teeth and jaws . If it is found that you are not a suitable candidate for implants, conventional dentures or partials might be a better solution. Be sure to ask the doctor, how much all the chosen treatment options will cost and, most importantly, what the average number of visits needed would be.

    Does the treatment price include anesthetics, x-rays, dental implants and consultations?

    The average price quoted for dental implant treatment might not include all the necessary costs including the dental implant and all its components, all diagnostic procedures required to evaluate the dental health (including x-rays, radiographs and intraoral examinations) and the initial consultations. Remember to ask what is, and what is not included in the price and take careful notes for your later reference.

    Could you provide me with a detailed listing of all procedures and costs?

    Such a list would be very helpful should you need to settle any reimbursement issues with your health insurance provider. It will also help you be more aware of your procedure and to help you avoid any unforeseen expenses.

    How much a general anesthetic costs?

    In some cases it is necessary for dental implant treatment to be carried out under a general anesthetic, where you are fully unconscious and unable to feel any pain. In such cases, additional costs will be incurred as the services and presence of an anesthesiologist is required during the surgery. Dental surgeons will usually recommend a local anesthetic, where you are alert but unable to feel pain, however, should you feel nervous or stressed about being awake during your treatment, you can always request a sedative to relax you.

    Will my health insurance provider cover all the costs of my treatment?

    Even if a clinic does not accept health insurance, it might be that your insurance plan covers some parts of the treatment. Try talking with the clinic’s financial advisor and go through your insurance plan together.

    Dental Implants Price Comparison – Summary

    Remember that an attractive price does not guarantee successful treatment.
    Consider using the services of a medical tourism agency. They are experienced in organising the best possible options for the best price, and can offer support in budgeting the final total cost of your treatment, relieving you of the headache of having to do this alone.

    This price comparison of teeth implant treatment should not be your only guide in choosing a clinic or treatment. Above all, go with your instincts and choose the clinic and clinicians you feel are the best match for you.

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