Dentim Europe (Poland) – Exclusive Clinic Interview

Dentim Europe (Katowice, Poland) is very popular with people travelling abroad for dental implant treatment. Can you explain why this is so?

Since the very beginning of our practice we, at Dentim Europe dental clinic, have focused all our efforts on patients in need of comprehensive dental treatment. Tooth implants are the significant part of this process. During many years of running the clinic our dentists have gathered a lot of experience. Most popular treatment in our clinic is by far All-on-Four which is a full mouth restoration using only 4 implants and one big bridge across all of them (read more here). Dentim Europe’s second popular solution for edentulous patients (or patients scheduled for extractions) is overdenture which is a modern and very comfortable denture secured on 2 implants. Our efforts, expertise, facilities and reputation in this field have been noticed not only by friends and families of our existing patients but also by independent, international organisation monitoring and accrediting medical facilities Global Clinic Rating. Dentim Europe has been awarded the title of the Best Dental Clinic in Poland and Forth Best in the whole World!

What do patients need to do before they begin receiving treatment at Dentim Europe?

Ideally international patients who consider having cosmetic dentistry in Poland should gather all the documentation of their previous dental treatments and current dental X-rays. Then they should contact Olivia, our clinic concierge. She is a liaison person for all our international patients and will be the point of contact throughout your entire patient journey. Olivia will be happy to reply to your e-mails, answer all your calls. She can arrange flights, accommodation and airport transfers for you. She will be also accompanying you during your dental holiday in Poland .

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Do patients need to attend an initial consultation in person or is it possible to proceed without a prior visit to Dentim Europe?

First, our dental specialists need to find out what the patients’ needs and expectations are. To do so we would prefer to meet the patient in person for a consultation in our clinic. If a patient can’t make it, we can alternatively try to draft an estimated treatment plan based on their panoramic X-ray (bigger picture showing all teeth both on upper and lower jaw) and some photos taken by patients themselves (using smartphone). To encourage our potential international patients to visit us in Katowice, the south of Poland, about 60 km from Krakow, we have a special deal, inviting them for a consultation with an option of flight ticket reimbursement.

Does Dentim Europe offer only tooth implants?

No, we do offer all kind of dentistry. Dentim Europe’s typical patients need a lot of dental work done. So we provide comprehensive dentistry all under one roof. This includes veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures and many more. The clinic’s dentists do treat adults and children. Our services also include orthodontic treatment with the very popular Invisalign clear braces. How do we manage to be so versatile? Dentim Europe employs 17 dentists and 30 employees as support staff in 9 surgeries with 2 diagnostic centres (including CT scan, computer tomography), together with our own well-equipped dental laboratory with further 5 technicians on board.


Dentim Europe Poland Implants

What kind of support is available for international patients who travel to your dental clinic from abroad?

From airport pickup in Katowice or Krakow airport, until departure day all our international patients are taken care of by Olivia. She will assist you during the initial consultation and further appointments as well as during a quick visit to a nearby Silesia shopping mall (the biggest and most prestigious in southern Poland). Should you need any help after hours, you can always contact Olivia and she will be there to help you out. Some spare time? No problem – Olivia will recommend something suitable for you and will make necessary arrangements. Once you finish your dental implants treatment in Poland and go back to your home country, Olivia will be in touch with you checking if you feel well or if you need anything.

How does the process of dental implant treatment look like at Dentim Europe?

Most dental implant procedures that the clinic’s oral surgeons do have three stages:
• the 1st stage – the surgical part (any extractions and implant insertion – typically 5 days),
• the 2nd stage – once the gums are healed, a few months later, patients receive healing rings (the rings shape the gum line surrounding each implant – typically 1 day) and
• the 3rd stage – finally a few weeks later the prosthetic part is fitted (crowns, bridges or overdentures – typically 5 days).
Some international patients require additional treatments like sinus lift (more here) or bone regeneration (bone grafting or augmentation) and this may increase the number of visits or their length.

Dentim Europe Poland Implants

Why should international patients come to Poland rather than other country if they consider dental implant treatment at overseas dental clinic?

The quality of dentistry in Poland is at least at the same level (if not higher) as in the Western European countries. Polish dentists have been working very hard and done extensive dental training by attending courses and postgraduate studies in Germany, Italy or the USA. Polish dentists have also invested a lot of money in the newest and best equipment available to satisfy even the most demanding patients. Dental implants are a very popular procedure in Poland therefore we have plenty of great Polish oral surgeons with huge experience in the field. Last but not least, Poland has lots to offer besides dental treatment. It is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes, high mountains, huge Lake District and seaside villages.

Why dental treatment at Dentim Europe?

Everyday dentists at Dentin Europe are changing patients’ lives for the better. Very often patients with serious dental issues lack self-confidence, ability to chew food, they do not socialize and are even too embarrassed to smile. After teeth restoration at Dentim we can see a huge positive change in their lifestyle. That is why our dental clinic employs a team of experts – great professionals with outstanding skills who work on top quality medical equipment. And Dentim dental clinic gives the patients their smile back! That is what we do and that is what we love. All this has resulted in great, friendly atmosphere, both within the team and amongst the patients. Although some of patients travel long distances to get to Dentim Europe, the clinic’s staff treat them as part of the family. This pays off in the long run as Dentim Europe clinic has already earned the trust of almost 10,000 patients who keep recommending tooth implants at Dentim to their friends and families. See the dental patients’ before and after photos on Instagram.

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