Dentistry in Romania – Exclusive Clinic Interview with Pomadent

1. Pomadent is a quite common destination for patients looking for dentistry in Romania. Could you explain why?

The clinic Pomadent has 25+ years of experience – it has always delivered outstanding results. All patients are very happy with their new teeth when they fly home. They recommend Pomadent clinic to their friends and family. Since we are located in Transylvania, away from the hustle of the capital and we are in a more laid back location, people tend to listen more carefully to each other. This is also true in the case of Pomadent dentists, who spend their time really listening to patients, explaining everything in detail, giving them time to decide the treatment options. This humane way of doing dental work, together with the vast experience of Pomadent dental experts, makes the clinic one of the favourites among patients who would like to have great looking teeth, save money and travel at the same time.

2. What do patients need to do before they begin receiving treatment at Pomadent?

Patients can contact us via Pomadent clinic profile and explain what treatment they need. The best and easiest way to get an accurate price estimate from dentists at Pomadent clinic is to send us a panoramic X-ray via email. By looking at the X-ray, our dental professionals can draft a personalized treatment plan and a quite precise price estimate for all the dental work needed. If the patient decides to visit Pomadent clinic, our dental tourism management staff will assist them with all the travel needs to make it as convenient as possible for the patient.

3. Do patients have to have the first consultation in person?

An initial consultation face to face is certainly helpful, but it is not necessary, as the patient’s description of the situation is sometimes enough. Also, the panoramic X-ray always delivers all the information we need in order to inform the patient what the treatment possibilities are.

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4. Do you offer only tooth implants?

Pomadent offers almost all kinds of treatments, as our specialist doctors offer quite a wide range of dental work options. Dentists at Pomadent are mostly specialized in implants, porcelain dental crowns and veneers, and Pomadent technicians are top of the class and produce very natural looking crowns.

5. What type of customer support is available for foreign patients?

Pomadent’s priority is dental tourism and patients from abroad. The clinic offers all kinds of support for dental tourism patients, from flight assistance to hotel booking, airport transport, and help with organising leisure activities. Transylvania is a beautiful place. Pomadent has taken up partnership with a local company offering hikes in the mountains, white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning and cultural visits to Romanian castles, forts and villages. Pomadent dental tourism manager can also guide the patients to fine restaurants and spas in the area. Patients can also do sightseeing on their own, as Transylvania is one of the safest places in Europe.

6. How does the process of dental implants treatment look like at Pomadent?

After receiving the panoramic X-ray via email, our dentists take a thorough look at the patient’s needs and offer a treatment plan and explain the costs involved. If this is to the patient’s liking, our dental tourism manager will help choose the right date and all the other travel options, making it very easy and straightforward for the patient. If needed, Pomadent driver will wait at the airport gates with a sign with the patient’s name and take them to the clinic or to the hotel. During the first appointment the dentist discusses the treatment plan with the patient, taking into consideration the patient’s requests. Then the dental work starts to make wonderful teeth a reality.

7. Why should patients come to Pomadent if they’re looking for dentistry in Romania?

Besides the cultural treasures of Transylvania, dentistry in Romania has very attractive prices. The clinic Pomadent offers the same results as clinics in Western Europe, but for a fraction of the price, due to much lower local prices. Who wouldn’t want the most beautiful and natural-looking teeth for half the price? With the long-time guarantee Pomadent offers and the expertise of our dentists, clinic Pomadent could be the right answer for your dental tourism.

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  1. I was just thinking of going to Hungary to fix my gappy smile 😉 but maybe ROmania would be better. Thhx for inspiration.

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