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Exclusive Clinic Interview with dr. Renata Ostojić

Dental Center Ostojić is a dental clinic from Zagreb, Croatia which is focused on international patients. The clinic has 12+ years of experience in dental field and offers free emergency 24h contact, paid airport pickup and dental implants (connector and crown included) from 918 Euro. DentalimplantsFriends have interviewed dr. Renata Ostojic from Dental Centar Ostojić, who is a Trusted Surgeon with speciality in dental prosthodontics and implantology.

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Dental Centar Ostojić is very popular with people travelling abroad for dental implants treatment. Can you explain why this is so?

First of all, the entire staff at Dental Centar Ostojić is very happy that people have recognized our long-lasting effort and development in the field of dental tourism and implantology as a branch of dentistry. What is a recipe for the clinic’s success? Certainly, I would say that the clinic’s staff is sincere towards each patient and, of course, they deliver top dental service. Our dentists and nurses are trying to have an individualized approach, to provide every prospective client with a pleasant stay and to make every effort so that every patient is satisfied and leaves the clinic with healthy and beautiful teeth!

What do patients need to do before they begin receiving treatment at Dental Centar Ostojić?

No special preparation is required. Patients just need to be positive and calm, and we take care of everything else!

Do patients need to attend an initial consultation in person or is it possible to proceed without a prior visit to Dental Centar Ostojić?

Patients who come from abroad should send an X-ray image first to get a treatment plan. Based on the X-ray image, dental specialists will create a more detailed estimate based on which patients can financially prepare and see if the cost is appropriate for them. However, for each detailed treatment plan, the presence of the patient is required. We diagnose the patient, taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of each client. Would you like to see our dentists’ previous dental work? No problem. Patients can be shown examples of works that have been made at Dental Centar Ostojić. This way you can get a clearer picture of how we solve difficult cases and what the final result can be. Dentists at Dental Centar Ostojić explain every step and pace of the work, so that patients can organize and plan their travel and stay in Hungary. A detailed treatment plan is obtained exclusively during the first examination – we are aware that it is very important for our patients.

Does Dental Centar Ostojić offer only dental implants?

Our dental practice covers all domains of dentistry, oral surgery, prosthetics, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics and paradontology. Dental professionals at Dental Centar Ostojić are ready to solve every case, from the simplest to the most complicated.

dental implants croatia

What kind of support is available for patients who travel to Dental Centar Ostojić from abroad?

Dental Centar Ostojić has an efficient and expert team working in the customer support. From the first contact, every patient receives information on how to get to the clinic and details of their dental procedure. Customer service staff at Dental Centar Ostojić help patients find most affordable and convenient airline tickets, trains, buses, etc. Once patients arrive in Zagreb, they feel very well looked after: we take over the accommodation and transport organization.

How does the process of dental implants treatment look like at Dental Centar Ostojić?

Our clinic’s first and foremost goal is to get to know the patient, listen to their needs and wants, go through their dental history, make X-ray and CBCT scans and analyse them thoroughly. After a carefully drafted treatment plan, patients are presented with an estimate cost and then they decide if they can start treatment immediately. In Dental Centar Ostojić only premium implants like Astra Tech and Nobel Biocare. You will also receive dental implants lifetime warranty. The surgical process at Dental Centar Ostojić is fast and completely painless, and conducted under the expert eye of an experienced oral surgeon. After the procedure, our patients get post-surgery instructions and our proffesional staff makes sure they are comfortable in their accommodation in Zagreb. We think of everything!

Why should patients come to Croatia rather than other countries for dental implants treatment?

Croatian dentistry, its quality and efficiency, is recognized all over the world. When you consider dental implant treatment, take Croatia into consideration. To every patient who decides to choose Dental Centar Ostojić as their dental implants destination we guarantee you will be satisfied with the results. Contact us! We are looking forward to your visit!

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