Should I expect dental implant pain during the surgery

Many dental patients are convinced that tooth implants procedure is an extremely invasive and painful process. Are you perhaps one of them? The sheer description of the surgery, dental implant pain, bone drilling, screwing in the implant, cutting and stitching the gums, makes most people shiver with fear. But should you really be worried? What if we told you that implant placement involves less discomfort than a routine surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth?

Will I feel pain during the procedure?

No, you shouldn’t feel any pain. The only uncomfortable feeling patients have is the vibration associated with drilling the implant hole. You should know that surgery takes place with a local anaesthetic which entirely eliminates dental implant pain. Do not be worried that the anaesthesia will not be strong enough for you. The surgeon should check with you first that the dose is sufficient and that you do not feel anything.

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dental implant pain local anasthesia

If you need a larger surgery (multiple extractions, all-on-4 procedure) recommend to have sedation administered by a certified anaesthesiologist before placing dental implants. Pain is eliminated in full. In both cases (local anaesthesia or sedation) patients are usually scheduled for a check-up a couple of days later. Experienced dental surgeons always make sure they handle the tissue gently and work fast in order to minimize dental implant pain and potential inflammation. That is why it is so important to choose a reliable oral surgeon. Check dentalimplantsfriends Facebook fanpage to see trusted dental surgeon certificates. We are sure you will find a dentist you are looking for.

Lack of dental implant pain guarantees success

Dental implant surgery requires a lot of precision and skill. The implant needs to be placed at an optimal angle and position – only then the artificial tooth will be able to take over the function of a natural tooth. Imagine that a patient moves his head or jumps on the dental chair because of pain! That would make the surgery impossible to perform safely and correctly. No wonder, then, that pain-free procedure is a priority not only for the patient but also for the doctor.

Dental implant pain AFTER the procedure?

After the surgery and after the anaesthetic fades away you might experience a slight discomfort. What to do to ease it? Use an icepack, take some over-the-counter pain killers and an antibiotic prescribed by your dentist. As with any other surgery there is a bit of soreness afterwards, however it is bearable and usually you can go back to work the next day. That means no downtime for you and you are abroad, you can spend the next few days after the surgery just sightseeing and relaxing.

The next stages of tooth implant treatment are also painless. Uncovering the implants is a few minutes procedure where the surgeon cuts the gum directly above the implants and places a healing cap. This is also done under local anaesthesia so you should not feel a thing. Also do not be worried about the cuts in your gums. Did you know that all cuts and small wounds heal in your mouth much faster than anywhere else on your body? Your gums will be fine before you know it.

We hope that we have cleared all your doubts regarding pain during tooth implant procedure. Now the ball is in your court: make your dream about beautiful white teeth come true! It is time for you to choose a dental clinic and book an appointment. If you have recently lost a tooth or teeth, it is high time for you see a dentist for dental implant consultation. Remember the longer you wait, the bigger the bone loss you will suffer. And bigger bone loss means performing an additional procedure – bone grafting (if you want to know more, click on our article Does Bone Graft for Dental Implants Hurt). Another surgery means more expenses and longer treatment. Try tip: in order to save time and money complete our dental patient form and our consultants will find 3 clinics that match your needs. You save time. Choose a dental clinic overseas instead of a local one. For instance in Spain or Hungary dental implant prices start from 800 euro! You save money. Good luck!

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