What is the best place for cheapest tooth implants in Europe?

European dental clinics are definitely among the cheapest destinations for tooth implants. The single dental implant cost in European clinic starts from EUR 800. Very often this cost includes free initial consultation, abutment (connector), and dental crown. This is the affordable option compared to clinics which offer the same quality dental implants for EUR 2,000.

Some of the most affordable European destinations for dental implants are: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Croatia or Turkey. To find out more go to DentalimplantsFriends special report Affordable Dental Implants in Europe. In the article you will find Top 4 European Destinations for Affordable Dental Implants, minimum, average and maximum cost for single dental implant in those countries, photos of the clinics’ dental offices and much more.

If you are a smart shopper and are looking for savings, check which professional dental clinic offer vouchers for dental implants. With DentalimplantsFriends you can save up to EUR 100!

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