Can Dental Implants Fall Out?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about dental implants. A correctly placed tooth implant, which is buried deep in the bone, will not fall out. However, if the surgery is not conducted according to the protocol or if the components used are of poor quality, it may happen that the implant will become loose and fall out.
Why dental implants fall out? The reasons may be:

  • Lack of osseointegration that is lack of integration of the fixture with the jaw bone. This is usually caused by poor bone quality. Before scheduling dental implant surgery, the surgeon needs to make sure that your jaw bone has sufficient density. If you have recently lost a tooth or teeth and you are healthy, your bone should be in good condition. However, only your surgeon, after careful examination of your dental scans and X-rays, will be able to confirm this. If your bone is not sufficient, you may be recommended to have bone grafting procedure which will boost your bone density and quality.
  • Low quality materials or non-custom abutments are used. These may irritate the gum tissue and, in consequence, cause gum inflammation. As a result, the body can reject the implant. Make sure the implantologist you choose uses a reliable premium implant brand such as Nobel BioCare, BioHorizons, Straumann, AlphaBio Tec or MIS Implants or a similar quality brand. There are many top quality implant brands on the market which are worth considering.
  • Improper positioning of the implant. When a tooth implant is placed at an incorrect angle, too much pressure is exerted on the tooth. Too much stress put on the implant means risk of it falling out.
  • Infection. Freshly placed implants need to be looked after properly. Strict oral hygiene (brushing twice a day) is extremely important. Food debris lodged between teeth or under gum line can be a source of infection. In consequence, infection will weaken the bone and the implant fixture may fall out.

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