Can I Have Dental Implants If My Gums Are Infected?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Tooth implants installed on infected gums would mean the implants are doomed from the start. Professional dentists are aware of that and they would never place an implant on infected tissue. Almost all dental treatments, and especially the surgical ones, require you to have healthy, infection-free gums. Your priority should be then to treat the infection first before you have tooth implants done. It is also a must when you consider crowns, dental bridge, braces, etc.

If you suspect you have infected tissue but have not been diagnosed yet, check for the symptoms. These might include:
• red, swollen gums,
• loose and sensitive teeth,
• receding gums (your teeth appear unnaturally longer),
• consistent bad breath,
• tender and bleeding gums.

Sounds familiar? If you suffer from any of these, book a dental appointment as soon as you can. You would not want the infection to spread to other parts of your body or simply lose your teeth! Also simple gum infection can turn into periodontitis which is a much serious gum disease.

If you are planning your dental implants treatment abroad, dentalimplantsfriends suggest that first you treat your gum infection in your home country. Visit your regular dentist (or NHS dentist if you live in the UK) and tell them about your problem. If you have already been diagnosed with gingivitis (gum infection), visit your dentist for treatment. The doctor will perform teeth scaling and prescribe you some antibiotics. This will help you get rid of the inflammation. Remember to maintain strict oral hygiene after scaling and during antibiotic treatment. Only after your dentist confirms your gums are in top condition, you will be able to book an appointment with a dental surgeon abroad. Good luck!

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