How Can You Get Tooth Implants Covered by Insurance?

This is an important question for most dental patients. It can be extremely difficult if not impossible to get the total cost of tooth implants covered by insurance. Some of the higher tiered insurance plans can cover a high percentage of the costs. There have been rare cases where there was as high as 80% coverage. However, your dentist would have to specify that the implants are medically required and they are not just a cosmetic procedure. In such a case there is a greater chance that the dental implant procedure may be covered.

You also need to know that some insurance providers may help pay for other procedures involved – tooth extraction, bone grafting or the crown/bridge or dentures. Check with your insurer what part of the cost, they are able to cover. If it is only the crown of bone graft, it still may help your financing in some way.

Discuss your options with your dental surgeon. Make sure he or she knows that at the moment tooth implants are outside your financial capability. You can also opt for a payment plan. Many dental clinics abroad do them to make treatment more affordable and convenient for the patients. Do your research first as there are numerous dental clinics throughout Europe and Asia which do implants starting from EUR650-800. This way you do not have to deal with the insurance company at all. Read more about Affordable Dental Implants in Europe.

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