Can Teenagers Get Dental Implants?

The general recommendation for dentists is to go ahead with dental implants once the patient’s growth is completed. This means that teenagers under the age of 19-20 are usually not considered for dental implant treatment. However, this age may be different for everyone. Dentists can diagnose if the body growth is complete by analysing a series of X-rays of jaw and/or wrist or hand which are taken yearly. This way they are able to tell if any new growth occurred.

The reason implant therapy is not recommended for children and teenagers who are still growing is that the aesthetic results achieved may be highly imperfect. If an implant is placed too early when the jaw is still growing, the teeth continue to shift naturally, but the implant will remain in the same spot. The result may be poorly aligned dental implant and natural teeth. This can be very difficult, if at all possible, to be corrected.
We would recommend waiting with the dental implant procedure till the jaw growth has stopped. If the child or teenager is missing the front teeth, ask your dentist for prosthesis, called a flipper. This may turn out to be a perfect solution while you wait for the implant treatment.

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