Can I use my existing dental crown to go on the implant?

Unfortunately it is not possible. The traditional dental crown or crowns you have at the moment are entirely different from the ones your dental surgeon is going to place on your brand new tooth implants. Traditional porcelain or ceramic dental crowns are hollow and are simply cemented onto the tooth stump using professional dental cement. Dental implants crowns are either cemented (front teeth) or screwed (back teeth). Screw retained crowns placed on implants are typically screwed directly into the implant. This ensures the most secure fit. The risk that the crown would come off is very low. Also, after 8-9 years, if there is a need to replace the crown, it can be easily and safely removed without damaging the implant.

If you worry about additional costs, check the offer of these dental clinics: the price given is for implants with the abutment and the crown.

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