What Are Some Cheap Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

  1. Get Your Teeth Whitened. Your teeth may become yellow for a number of reasons: diet rich in certain foods such as red wine, coffee, chocolate and, even, berries. It could be due to excessive smoking and/or the enamel wearing thin as you grow older. Some people’s teeth are naturally yellow or slightly gray; others’ teeth may be ivory or white – it is a genetic thing. There are plenty of whitening options to choose from. Whitening toothpaste, at-home treatments or treatments performed at your dentist’s office. The latter will give you the most dramatic effect and long-term results (even a year with proper care). The cost of whitening varies based on dentist’s location and method used. Why not try the most affordable option? If you’re planning holidays in a warm country this summer, have whitening done there. This option is definitely cheaper than back at home and the result will be the same: healthy-looking white teeth! Spain, Bulgaria or Croatia are waiting for you!
  2. Have chips and cracks repaired with bonding. Bonding is an affordable way to fix a chipped tooth/teeth. You do not have to extract a cracked tooth! Bonding is the budget-friendly solution. It uses composite resin or porcelain. The material will match the natural color of your teeth and no one will tell you’ve had any dental work done. Bonding is cheap: it’s just 250-500 Euro per tooth. It is much cheaper than veneers (1,300 Euro per tooth).
  3. Use a retainer to straighten your teeth. If you have slightly misaligned teeth, you may not need expensive braces. If you have a small space between your teeth, your orthodontist may recommend wearing a retainer at home and during the night.
  4. Get a dental flipper or…dental implants. If you lost a tooth or teeth, a dental flipper may cost your 500 Euro per tooth. It is a solution which might not be for you if you prefer permanent, reliable and non-embarrassing results. Why not fork out just 300 Euro more and go for permanent option: dental implants. The prices for single dental implant with crown start from 750-800 Euros. Check dental implant prices here.
    Are you not happy with your teeth? Change it! Book a visit with trusted and affordable dentist from one of the European clinics. Act today! Enjoy your smile tomorrow!
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