What Are the Common Problems with Dental Implants?

About thirty years ago the success rate for dental implants was about 50%. Nowadays it is staggering 96%. Dental implants when placed correctly should not cause any problems. Today they constitute a standard reconstructive treatment. If the patient is healthy and the oral surgeon experienced, there is little risk of complications like infections or nerve damage. However, if the patient is a smoker or does not follow the post-operative instructions, a dental implant may simply fail.

The risk of the surgery is minimized by careful preparations to the surgery: gathering the patient’s history, performing clinical examination, X-rays and 3D CAT scans. As long as your dentist follows the protocol and does careful pre-operative planning, everything should go according to plan.

To make sure you find the best dental treatment possible, look for a recommended dental clinic with an experienced and qualified dentist, oral surgeon and/or periodontist. Make sure the clinic has a at least a few years of experience in dental implants surgeries and check the number of implants placed a year. This information can be found in the clinics’ profiles which can be found here.

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