Are dental implants done abroad of the same quality as the ones done in the US?

Yes, American dentists and dental professionals abroad use the same high quality dental implants brands such as Nobel BioCare Active Implant (Switzerland), BioHorizons, MIS Implants Technologies, Straumann Implant (Switzerland), Alpha-Bio Tec™ Implant, Zimmer Dental, AB Dental USA, Dentsply Implants and many more. Actually, did you know that dental implants invention dates back to 1940s when Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish physician and research professor, started his work on osseointegration (implant-bone integration). The Brånemark System (one of the oldest and best implant systems) has been bought out and is currently available from Nobel Biocare.

As you can see dental implants have a long history in Europe and dental professionalists there are very well trained and work on the highest quality materials. What is important, the vast majority of dental patients of European dental clinics are foreigners not locals. Many of them go back for consecutive and follow-up treatments and recommend the clinic to their friends and family. This shows the patients are happy with the results. Would you like to find out what European clinics have to offer? Fill in a free patient form.

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