Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive?

First, we need to understand that the total cost of dental implants covers many items. It can be broken down to: the actual dental implant, the abutment, the implant placing procedure (surgery), treatment plan, etc. Apart from that you will need crown(s) or dentures on top of the implant(s). Bear in mind that you are also paying for the dentist’s knowledge, experience, time and assurance that they know they are delivering top quality treatment. Nowadays most modern dental clinics have state-of-the-art equipment and employ qualified and experienced staff (dental nurses, hygienists) which just adds value to the service provided.

Every patient’s dental scenario is different – many things can go wrong when performed by an unqualified and inexperienced implant dentist. Although teeth implants are one of the most expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments, the end aesthetic result and the comfort you get is worth every penny.

If you are still concerned about the cost, you could consider dental tourism. As dental implants treatments abroad, for example in Spain or Turkey, are often less expensive, saving anywhere between 25% and 75%, you could combine your treatment with an exotic holiday, all for the price of the treatment in your country alone. Abroad you will find the same quality and standards in your home country. If in doubt, you can compare dental implant cost in our Dental Implants Worldwide Costs Guide here.

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