Are More Expensive Dental Implants Always Better?

More expensive does not automatically mean it is better. You should not only compare the dental implant prices, but, also, take into consideration the implant brand, prosthetic material used (ceramic or porcelain crown), crown brand, the dentist’s professional charges and other costs to run the clinic. It is worth noting that European and Asian clinics also use the same dental implant brands British and American clinics use. These are mostly Nobel BioCare, Straumann or BioHorizons implants which are the top leading brands in the world. It can happen that you will pay less for the same brand implant in Europe than you would in the UK or USA.

If you wish to spend a little less, this is possible as many dental clinics overseas offer more affordable dental treatments. You can save up to 70% if you choose a clinic in one of the European or Asian countries. For example dental clinics in Spain offer implants from EUR800 and dental clinics in Turkey implant cost starts from EUR550. This is because in countries like Spain or Turkey the costs to run a dental clinic are very low and the dentists’ margin is also lower than in the UK or the USA. Therefore dental tourism has become so popular within the last decade. Patients are more aware of the market and they shop around before deciding on a treatment in a particular dental clinic.

We recommend you read patients’ clinic reviews and find out as much as possible about the clinic and dentist you are considering for your treatment.

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