What Are Flapless Tooth Implants?

Flapless implants are gaining popularity among dental patients. This type of dental implant surgery especially benefits elderly or medically compromised patients. It is interesting to know that flapless implants technique, when it was still being developed, it was a popular method for oral surgeons who were yet to gain experience in this field. However, to be performed correctly it has to be done strictly according to protocol.

When can it be performed? If you’d had a tooth extracted some time ago and your gum has healed, this is the perfect time for flapless implant. But before you proceed, your dentist needs to assess that you have bone of good quality and density. Once this is confirmed, the surgery can be scheduled.

Prior to your surgery, the dentist or the technician will perform a CT scan. This is extremely important and allows proper planning of implant placement on a computer. What are the benefits of flapless implants technique?

  • little bleeding as no scalpel is used
  • little swelling and very little pain during post-surgery period
  • the use of CT scan and computer imaging allow careful surgical planning which is safe for the patient
  • reduced chair-time and less dental visits
  • quick healing of the wound as there is no gum incision
  • less trauma to the patient,
  • fewer post-surgery complications.

Interested in flapless technique? Check the list of dental clinics, and find out which of them offer this kind of surgery.

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