What Happens if My Tooth Implant Fails to Heal Properly?

If an implant fails, your dentist will re-evaluate the site. Some clinics decide to place another implant free of charge, some charge 50% of the total cost and some clinics only charge for the new implant itself. Usually after implant failure bone density is compromised and bone grafting is needed and recommended. After the bone graft heals, your dentist may decide to place an implant of a different diameter.

Make sure you discuss with your dentist the reasons for your implant failure. It is crucial to establish the root cause in order to avoid it in the future. Try to work with your doctor closely on ways to keep excellent oral hygiene. After placing the second implant you need to make sure you visit the periodontist every three months for teeth cleaning to reduce bacteria in the mouth. This will minimize the risk of the next implant failure.

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