How Much Are Dental Implants in Bulgaria?

Have you finally decided to travel for dental implants abroad? Congratulations on a very good choice! Tooth implants in Bulgaria are an affordable and wise option. Bulgaria has the whole package: gorgeous golden beaches, fantastic winter sports resorts, vibrant night life, great routes for hiking, and, affordable private clinics which are of higher standards than government hospitals. Finding accommodation in Bulgaria is very easy: the country offers a wide variety of accommodation from pocket-friendly hotels along the coast to luxury hotels in big cities. Many people who have previously visited this country as tourists go back for holidays combined with dental or other cosmetic treatment.

Dental implant cost in Bulgaria

The average dental implant cost in Bulgaria is EUR760 that is £658 or $808. Bear in mind that this is the total cost for dental implant including the abutment and the crown. There are no hidden costs. Some clinics even include healing ring, post treatment check-up, or extraction in the total price. Before you visit the clinic, make sure what exactly is included in the price. If the surgeon decides you need an additional treatment for an extra cost (for example bone grafting if you lack jaw bone), you should be informed about that in advance. The lowest price for a single implant in Bulgaria is about EUR610 and some of the more “expensive” options range from EUR800 to EUR900. It is a considerable difference when compared to implants cost in the UK – EUR2,000.

The information you are reading refers to Bulgarian dental clinics with 16-15 years of experience – many of them place 500+ tooth implants a year! Dental specialists working there usually are active members of Bulgarian Dental Association. They accept international patients, mostly from the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and Israel and they speak very good English. Many clinics also offer paid 24-hour emergency service so if you are in need of an urgent appointment, it can be arranged and is still affordable. Some clinics do paid airport pickup to make the patients’ stay in Bulgaria as convenient as possible.

To choose the best clinic for you, complete the dentalimplantsfriends patient form and make sure you enter “Bulgaria” as your preferred destination. We will send you 3 dental clinics that will exactly match your needs.

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