How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Implants fees can range from as low as EUR600 to as high as EUR3,000. The cost of dental implants may vary based on several factors:

The country where you have your treatment done. Typically implant cost is determined by your geographical location. The tooth implant cost in European dental clinics (Spain, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, etc.) and Mexico, India, or Turkey tends to be lower than in the USA or the UK.

The implant manufacturer. There is no conclusive evidence that one implant brand is statistically more successful than another. The most important factors for treatment success and dental implants longevity are the dentist’s diagnostic and surgical skills. Before choosing your dentist, make sure they have broad experience in dental implantation.

The type of prosthesis. Bear in mind that the implant itself is only part of the cost. You still need something on top of the implant called an abutment and then an all-ceramic crown. The prices may also vary depending on the abutment used (straight/angulated/custom abutment) and type of crown used (porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or all ceramic crown). The abutment and a crown can cost you anything from EUR600 to EUR1,800.

Additional procedures such as bone grafting may be required. That will add to the final cost of the dental implant. You also may need a bone graft around the implant which can be EUR300-EUR1,000.

Generally, the cost of dental implants in Europe is about 1/4th of its cost in the US or in the UK. You may also enjoy holidays and have your dental treatment. Sometimes the cost can be a secondary factor to having a piece of mind and healthy teeth and gums.

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