How Long Should I Wait to Get Dental Implants After Extraction?

The implants can be placed just after the extraction if there is ample bone and soft tissue for the implant placement and there are no signs of infection. If you have an infection, it has to be treated with antibiotics. Some patients might also need bone and tissue augmentation (bone grafting) before getting implants. If this is the case, it is a standard procedure to wait 3-6 months after the bone graft (standard wait healing time) before placing the implant.

After the healing period a set of digital X-rays should be performed to assess if there is enough bone preserved, to confirm the bone topography and, eventually, plan the timing for implant placement. If you are looking into having more than one implant done, they can be placed at the same time. Then, the most important phase comes – the osseointegration process.

The length of healing time also depends on the size and type of the bone graft done. Please also bear in mind that every dental case is slightly different and you have the right to be informed about all procedures. Your dentist should talk you through the whole process.

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