When Am I not a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Most dental patients are good candidates for dental implant treatment. However, it is recommended by doctors to refrain or postpone the implant therapy if you:

  • are pregnant (read more here),
  • are under 18 and/or your jawbones have not developed fully,
  • take certain medicine like steroids which suppress the immune system,
  • suffer from bruxism. Clenching or grinding teeth may cause the implant to fail. Read an article about a solution to grinding teeth.
  • are a heavy smoker. This bad habit hinders healing in the mouth after the surgery.
  • abuse alcohol or drugs and are not ready to keep strict oral hygiene and attend regular dental checkups.
  • suffer from uncontrolled diabetes, haemophilia, immune disorders or have received high-dose radiation treatment of the head or neck.

You still may be a good candidate for dental implants even if you have one of the above conditions. It depends on its severity but the final decision always belongs to your doctor. Always tell your dentist of any health problems you have and medicine you are taking. He or she will make the best decision for your health as the rule number 1 is: do not harm.

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