Is It Safe to Undergo Dental Treatments During Pregnancy?

This is the question many expecting mothers ask us. All professional dentists admit that dental visits during pregnancy are not only safe but also highly recommended. If you are an expecting mother, preventive care and regular checkups should be your priority. The fluctuations in hormones may cause your gums to bleed or swell, and this in turn may lead to gum disease. You would want to avoid that at all costs as periodontal disease is linked to premature birth. Dental implants are an elective procedure and, for your and your baby’s safety, they are not recommended during pregnancy.

What about other dental work? Can pregnant wome go to the dentist’s? Yes, definitely. Routine dental procedures can be done at any time during your pregnancy. However, best time for that is the first and second trimester. It is simply because during the third trimester you might feel uncomfortable lying on the dental chair for extended periods of time. If you are in need of urgent cavity filling, root canal or extraction, they can be and should be done in order to avoid possible infection. Do not be wary if the doctor recommends dental X-rays. They might be necessary if you require root canal treatment or extraction of an infected tooth. The modern advanced X-ray technology is nowadays much safer than it used to be. Apart from that, the dental staff will make sure you and your baby are safe by using special protective gear.

Make sure you tell your dentist in advance that you are pregnant. Inform them of any medicine or prenatal vitamins you are taking. They will adjust your treatment accordingly. Also, speak to your obstetrician and find out if there are any additional precautions you need to take. For everyday care, brush and floss twice a day and keep a healthy diet – it is that simple.
If you require dental implant treatment and you are pregnant, read about the pros and cons here.

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