Dental Implants Award 2018 for Indexmedica – best Personalized Treatment

We are proud to present another Dental Implants Award 2018 – Indexmedica dental clinic from Cracow, Poland. This Polish clinic was awarded in the category of Personalized Treatment, a category most valued by patients.

DentalimplantsFriends jury has taken into account patients’ feedback, reviews and the clinic’s offer. We value total transparency in clinics and we award only those which fall into certain standards.

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Indexmedica is one of the largest and most modern private dental clinics in Poland. Its team consists of more than 10 experienced dentists, 2 well-trained oral surgeons and 6 customer service staff. What is important for British and Irish patients, Indexmedica is the only Polish dental clinic that offers consultations and follow-ups in the UK and Ireland.

Dental treatment at Indexmedica is covered by a guarantee, the clinic offers transparent pricing and comfortable stay at one of the 4* hotels in Cracow. Patients choosing treatment at this clinic have the possibility of stay at INX or Metropolis Design Hotel for the duration of their treatment, even up to 11 free nights.

dental implants award 2018 indexmedica

Personalized treatment for patients with dental fear or dental phobia

Have you had at least one traumatic dental experience? We are certain you have. Dental fear touches many people, even in the 21st century when dentistry have become much more effective and almost pain-free. Indexmedica offers personalized treatment for patients with dental fear and even those with dental phobia. The dentists use the most effective and safest anaesthetics to ensure maximum comfortable and painless dental implant procedures. Implants are inserted using under local anaesthesia. The dentists at Indexmedica use the Wand system which is basically anaesthetics “under computer control” – it guarantees efficiency and predictability of anaesthesia used.

For patients with dental fear the clinics offers personalized solution in a form of conscious sedation (or relaxation dentistry). It is a combination of medicine to help a patient relax and to block pain during dental procedure. With conscious sedation patients enter a state of deep relaxation. This method effectively eliminates anxiety and fear and patients can return to their everyday activities very soon after the treatment. Unlike procedures using general anaesthesia where patients are unconscious and non-responsive, with conscious sedation you will be able to respond to the dentist but still will not feel any pain. Patients also report that they felt that for example a 2-hour procedure seemed to last only a few minutes for them.

Dental experts at Indexmedica know that dentist-patient communication is of key importance. Conscious sedation is then an excellent option for patients suffering from dental fear, bad gag reflex or need procedures that may take hours to perform.

indexmedica poland

We have spoken to Marta Wolska from Indexmedica about the Dental Implant Award 2018.

DIF: Why did you apply for Dental Implants Award 2018?

Marta Wolska: Our mission is to offer professional dental care for a reasonable price. We are one of the best Polish clinics (among top 5 dental clinics in Poland according to current rating) with long experience in dental tourism. We are also proud of the Trusted Clinic certificate that we received from DentalimplantsFriends. We applied for the Award because recognizing the quality of our services by an independent third party like DentalimplantsFriends is of great value our patients and us, as professionals.

DIF: What does it mean to you to win the award in the personalized treatment category?

Marta Wolska: We were delighted to hear that we won the award in the Personalized Treatment category. We offer patient-centred care to meet all dental needs of our patients, so this award made us very happy and proud. We strongly believe that individual approach to each of our patients, listening to patient’s needs and expectations, is the key to successful dental treatment.

The award definitely motivates us to do our best and to offer the best possible services.

indexmedica poland

Contact Indexmedica for a consultation and if you decide to start your treatment within six months from your initial consultation and your treatment plan is estimated at over €1,750/£1,550, you are entitled to flight ticket reimbursement up to a max. value of €180/£155. With Free Consultation and Flight Package you also get free one – night stay at a 4 star hotel, consultation and examination, written treatment plan, X-rays and local anaesthetics during complete treatment, Welcome Pack and complimentary airport transfer. * Interested? Watch testimonials of patients from the UK and other countries.


*Information correct on 9th May 2018. Indexmedica reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer. Please contact the clinic directly for more details.

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