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All you need to know about dental implants

The most important question all dental patients ask themselves is “Am I a good candidate for dental implants?”, “What is involved in dental implants process?” and “How much is it going to cost me?” DentalimplantsFriends.com and Bucharest British Dental Place, dental clinic from Romania, aim to bring you the best and accurate knowledge about the implants so you can be well-informed BEFORE you even set your foot in the dentist’s office.

The ABCs of dental implants:

  1. When can I get dental implants?

According to dental professionals from Bucharest British Dental Place, what matters the most in dental implantology is bone volume/density and soft tissue level (gums level). There are a few conditions which imfluence dental implant success: among others the patient needs to have minimum 3-4 mm of fixed healthy gum and proper bone volume. Healthy bone volume is considered by doctors as minimum 7 mm (width) and 10 mm (height). These factors need to be looked at and  assessed by your oral surgeon on the basis of  a recent 3D scan of your mouth.

  1. What are the stages of dental implant process?

Tooth implant placement is usually performed in two phases. The first step is probably what most patients fear most – the surgery part. Do not worry – you should not feel any pain during the procedure. The doctor will speak to you and make a decision what sedation is best for you. During this first stage the implant is placed on the bone and temporary crown, crowns or dental bridge are placed. After 2-6 months during which your bone and gums will be healing and the implant will be integrating with your bone you will be ready for stage two. This is the prosthetic stage. Your dentist will remove the temporary prosthetics and place the healing cap, abutment and your brand new white permanent crowns. If you opted for overdenture, it will be designed and custom-made by dental technicians and then fitted in your mouth by your dentist.

  1. What questions should I ask the dentist?

Asking appropriate questions is the right way to gain best knowledge about the treatment you are going to receive. Do not hesitate and ask the clinic as many questions as you can think of. Dentalimplantsfriends.com and Bucharest British Dental Place suggest starting from these questions:

  • What brand of tooth implant is going to be placed? The dental implant market varies greatly if it comes to quality, options and cost. At Bucharest British Dental Place dentists use Bredent and Straumann tooth implants, both being reputable and well-known world brands. Read more about Bredent implants.
  • Is this implant system available in the UK? Bredent and Straumann implants are available and known to dentists in the UK.
  • Will the implant parts be available in the nearest future? The brands Bredent and Straumann have been on the dental market for the last 30 years, dentists at Bucharest British Dental Place are positive they will be readily available in the years to come.
  • Can I know more about the oral surgeon who is placing the implant and how experienced are they? Implant surgeons from Bucharest British Dental Place are in the top 5 in the country, not every clinic can boast the same:

Dr. Cosmin Teasdale – Trusted Surgeon with 10+ years of experience in the UK. He holds a Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Chester. Dr. Teasdale is also a member of the British Society of Endodontics and of the Academy of Microscopic Enhanced Dentistry.

Dr. Daniel Acatrinei – Trusted Surgeon with 14+ years of experience. He is an expert on dental implants, oral surgery and aesthetic/restorative dentistry.

4. What are the technical details of dental implants and crowns?

  • What technology and methods are used? The dentists at Bucharest British Dental Place use a surgical dental microscope to get max precision during dental crown preparation. The clinic’s dental experts can make crowns or bridges using impressions (which are now digital) and a computerized 3D printer. The dentists do 3D printed restorations for most of their patients and when it is possible.
  • What dental lab does the clinic work with? Skills and qualifications of dental lab technicians may vary greatly. However, Bucharest British Dental Place chooses to work with the best, most reliable dental technicians in the country.

For more on dental implants visit our NEWS section, study the dental implants GUIDE and browse Dental Implants KnowledgeBase. If you wish to contact us with a question, drop us a line on Facebook or fill in dentalimplantsfriends patient form specifying your dental needs.


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