Revolutionary Basal Implants – Exclusive Interview with Nurident

Nurident Dental Clinic is known among patients travelling to Bulgaria for dental treatment. Why is your clinic so popular?

Dental Implants Clinic NuriDent is frequently visited by patients from Europe mostly because of affordable dental implant cost and professional treatment by Dr. Nuri and Dr. Hazem. Also, patients looking for jaw restoration can benefit from treatment performed within 3 days only from start to finish.

We run 2 dental clinics in Sofia and for the last 18 years we have been continuously showing our patients that they can put trust and confidence in our services. Nurident dentists and implantologists are highly professional and dedicated to their work. We focus our work on dental implants as we think they are the best replacement of natural teeth. Nurident dentists’ aim is to perform precise and careful implantation with minimum trauma to the patient and to guarantee implants’ longevity and functionality. If you are our patient you can rest assured of the positive outcome.

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What do patients have to do before they travel to Nurident?

All dental patients need to have their oral X-ray done before we begin treatment. If they don’t have one, you can have an X-ray done at our clinic. Also if you are currently undergoing any other treatment, you have high blood pressure or are allergic to some medications, you should inform your dentist about it.

Do patients have to have the first consultation in Bulgaria or is it possible to evaluate the patient before they travel?

Before traveling to Bulgaria, all our patients can have the initial consultation over the phone or e-mail after the doctor analyses their X-ray.

Do you do only tooth implants?

No, our clinics also specialize in almost all fields of dentistry: general dentistry, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery, prosthetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontology and pediatric dentistry.

basal implants

Dental office at Nurident, Bulgaria

What type of support is available for international patients?

Nurident provides airport pick-up and hotel accommodation for all international patients.

Can you tell us more about basal dental implants offered by Nurident?

Nurident dentists specialize in basal implants. They are a breakthrough and brand new method of dental implantation. With basal implants no bone augmentation is required, even in the most complicated cases. This type of implants is made of titanium which is biocompatible titanium alloy.

Basal implants used by Nurident clinic are one unit which means that both the implant and the abutment are connected. New basal dental implants can be placed with flap or flapless technique. They are placed in dense bone layer (corticalis) which is extremely highly mineralized and regenerates very easily. This type of bone is also the least prone to resorption and infections. That is why our dentists can offer you immediate loading and guarantee solid integration of the implant with the bone. The surgery is minimally invasive to the patient and almost eliminates the risk of peri-implantitis (basal implants have smooth surface).

There are also other differences between standard tooth implants and basal dental implants. The latter are placed differently, the force distribution, planning, prosthetic work used and post-surgery care are different. Also, we use lateral basal dental implants which are placed on the side of the jaw. Revolutionary basal implants are a safe option to provide patients with the correct chewing pressure and guaranteed integration with the bone. Basal implants reviews are very good and patients can enjoy a speedy recovery and improved functionality of their new teeth.

What does the basal implants process look like?

  1. Consultation with Dr. Nuri
  2. X-ray picture taken
  3. Premedication with the cardiologist
  4. Extraction of all teeth from the jaw(s)
  5. Placing dental implants
  6. Temporary overdenture
  7. Placing metal-ceramic crowns

The whole dental makeover takes 3 days.

Why should patients travel to Bulgaria rather than other countries for their dental work?

Bulgaria has been a known touristic destination since the 1980s and is very popular with medical tourists. Usually Nurident’s patients use our professional dental services and combine them with package holidays and stay at the beach. The number one reason for coming to Bulgaria to have dental work done is certainly the most affordable cost in Europe. Nurident has more than 16 years of experience in dental field. Our patients come from all over the world, not only from Bulgaria, neighbouring countries or the UK. What’s crucial: we offer excellent patient support and provide accommodation for the period of the treatment.

dentistry in bulgaria

Bulgarian Parliament Square

What’s more, Bulgaria is truly a holiday paradise: here you can enjoy the seaside and the mountains. Bulgaria has a very mild climate: warm and sunny summers and mild winters so it is perfect for holidays at any time of the year. Tourists can enjoy wonderful nature, local food, and plethora of Balcan attractions. Nurident team hope you will enjoy your stay in our country.

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  1. I haven’t heard about basal implants before. I need to ask my dentist about them..i’m travelling to Hungary in Dec to get 3 implants. dont know what type yet though

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