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How to save on teeth implants – Hungary is the right destination

Many international patients travel to your dental clinic in Hungary. Why is Evergreen Dental so popular?

There are many Hungarian dental clinics offering quality dental work in Budapest but treating international patients takes more than just quality treatment. We believe a dental clinic must offer much more than dental work. Evergreen Dental offers a variety of services such as implants, veneers, crowns, canal root treatment, bridges, modern denture, oral surgery, but also full travel and post-surgery free time assistance which is especially appreciated by patients who come from abroad. Most patients choose our clinic because of affordable teeth implants. Hungary and specifically Budapest is no doubt the best dental tourism destination.

Our philosophy at Evergreen Dental is to be the best dentists and to be the patient’s local guide in Hungary. International patients visiting our clinic can expect help in anything what they need. We have even booked opera tickets, arranged tours and fixed the Internet in the patient’s accommodation.

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On the dental field we always strive to be one of the first Hungarian dental clinics introducing the latest technologies. We believe that advanced equipment and highly qualified staff truly make treatment more efficient, convenient and stress-free for our patients. Our patients do not buy a pig in a poke – here you can see your new smile on the screen before we start the treatment! Dentists at Evergreen Dental use digital smile design, navigated implantation and biocompatible materials such as BIO HPP. We also specialize in treating patients suffering from dental fear. We use general anesthesia which is a very popular way to have a complex treatment done for patients who are anxious in the dental chair.

What do I have to do before visiting Evergreen Dental?

It is very straightforward. We would need to see your mouth X-ray (you can also give us the dental implant cost you’d been quoted in your home country) and we can draft the treatment plan and estimate the cost. The treatment plan is finalized upon the patient’s arrival. What is more, during the initial consultation we present the patient with every possible solution to make sure the patient is fully aware of their current mouth situation and we can choose the best solution together with the patient. Evergreen Dental patients always receive the initial cost estimate – our offer is transparent and we have no hidden costs. If we see your treatment may turn out to be more serious and expensive, we always prepare the patient in advance for the worst case scenario and costs so no bad surprises occur (for instance when bone graft might be needed).

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Do I have to come for a consultation to Hungary or can you evaluate me before I travel?

If you visit our office for the first time, we always start with a consultation as we want to make sure that the patient is fully aware of the treatment possibilities and all their pros and cons, but other than that patients often come for a treatment right away.

What dental work in Budapest do you do?

We offer the whole spectrum of dentistry, from root canal treatments through aesthetic dentistry all the way to the most complicated surgery like bone grafts or bone transplantation.

What type of patient-support does Evergreen Dental offer?

We provide full support in travel organization including flights booking service, free airport pick-up and access to accommodation offers by our partnering hotels at unbeatable prices. What is more, in many countries we have local representatives and partnering dentists, as well as partners for other related services like financing. If you are looking for a dental package, check Evergreen Dental clinic profile and find out how much you can save on your dental treatment in Hungary.

Can you tell us a bit more about the teeth implants treatment?

Usually dental implant treatment is a two-step treatment. First, we perform teeth implants surgery. This can be done in one day (if you don’t need any temporary crowns or denture) or 3-4 days if a temporary solution is needed. If no bone graft is involved, the healing time takes usually 3 months. Then the final restoration work (crowns, bridges, modern dentures) can be done. Depending on the type of restoration this stage takes between 5 and 12 days. This means you need to visit our clinic only two times in a period of 3 months (first visit 1-4 days, second visit 5-12 days) and you can enjoy your new smile for many years to come. Our dentists will also inform you about dental implant recovery diet which you have to follow after the surgery.

What are the reasons to choose Hungarian dental clinic?

Dentistry has a long history in Budapest. Dental tourism in Hungary is popular and widespread. In fact, Hungary was the first country where dentistry was taught on a university level. The dental education level is very high, the universities are very progressive, therefore we have many great accredited experts, price-service ratio is by far the best in Europe – many of our patients can confirm that. Currently 42% of the patients from Western Europe choose cosmetic dentistry in Hungary over other destinations. They know they can save up to 70% on dental treatment. Hungary still remains a leader in affordable and professional dental services and we are proud of it.

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Our patients should also know that Evergreen Dental Clinic is situated in an amazing secessionist building at 45 Andrássy Boulevard.  This historic building belongs to UNESCO World Heritage. You must admit that dental treatment in Hungary can be classy.

Interested in teeth implants or other dental work in Evergreen Dental in Hungary? Contact Evergreen clinic for a quote!


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  1. I think I’ve read everything on implants in Hungary. Was hesitant at first, ’cause it’s still a long trip from home, but after reading a few articles here and seeing the prices wow! I’ve booked my tickets to Budapest for March and now I want to choose the clinic. I’m sure I’ll find a good deal

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