7 Reasons You Should Visit Spain for Dental Treatment

You have probably heard that Spain is the place to go for a smile makeover or perhaps even your friends or family have been there and came back with a new set of pearly whites. So what is so special about dental treatment in Spain?

For the past few years Spain has been attracting worldwide tourists, both medical and recreational. Dental tourism in Spain has increased considerably due to new dental clinics emerging which offer bespoke customer service for English speaking patients, top quality treatments and affordable prices. It seems Spain ticks all the boxes.

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There are many reasons dental patients choose Spanish clinics. Let us analyse several of them:

  1. Spain is an extremely popular tourist destination especially among the British and the Germans. Because of its warm climate the place is perfect to visit during summer and winter. The must-see places include the colourful and exciting capital Madrid, Running of the Bulls at Pamplona (July), Andalusian cities with wonderful Islamic architecture (Seville, Granada and Córdoba), the Way of St. James and the gorgeous Balearic and Canary Islands. If you are not a fan of crowds and you’re planning your treatment soon, consider going there between October and March. You’d surprised to see that Spain is not only about great beaches and fun nightlife, but also many historic cities, beautiful meadows, mountains, and even deserts.
  2. Most Spanish dental clinics are private; therefore top quality is an imperative. Most of them have 16+ years of experience in dentistry. You can read more on our Spanish clinics page.
  3. The cost of dental treatment can be quite competitive compared to your home country. Dental implants prices start from EUR800. This is the main reason more and more British visit Spain every year. Savings can reach up to 40-50% compared to other European countries; in case of the US patients the savings can even be greater.
  4. Easy online access to the services offered as vast majority of clinics have websites, Twitter or Facebook fanpage in English.
  5. Spanish dentists and dental staff speak English and are able to receive English speaking patients.
  6. There are many connecting flights to Spain (you can go for budget airlines) and good quality road network. Another added benefit is that in Spain there are 61 airports.
  7. During the last 10-15 years the post-surgery time has been reduced to minimum, therefore the patients can enjoy their vacation and have the treatment done at one go.

The most popular dental treatments in Spain are:

  • dental implants
  • one day implants
  • crowns: porcelain or zirconium
  • implant supported bridges or dentures
  • orthodontic treatment: Invisalign or braces
  • veneers
  • teeth whitening.

Dental tourists treated within the private sector in Spain usually come from the UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Holland, the USA, and the Scandinavian and Arab countries. The patients valued the service, the treatment quality and are willing to recommend Spanish clinics to friends. All the factors taken into consideration together make Spain a country worth visiting for dental treatment. And what is stopping you from getting that healthy, white smile?

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  1. I always thought dental treatment in Spain is expensive. Holidays in Barcelona are a bit expensive, now I can see implants are way cheaper there than in the UK I’ll check the clinics in Hungary as well before I make a decision to travel

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