The winners of Dental Implants AWARD 2018 revealed

On 16th December 2017 we have launched the first edition of the prestigious Dental Implants AWARD 2018. The aim of the Dental Implants AWARD is to officially recognize the professional achievements of dental implant centres and manufacturers, dental surgeons and dental agencies throughout the world. The Dental Implants AWARD is given every year to innovators, pioneers and creators as well as to everyone who is doing his dental implant job extraordinarily to boost patients satisfaction and enthusiasm for implant dentistry.

Such recognition is beneficial for both the clinics and the patients. Why? Dental patients more often choose clinics whose offer and pricing are transparent, services are professional and of high quality.

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Check it out >>> list international dental clinics which present the highest treatment standards. Every months our platform also recognizes the best of clinics by awarding them with Trusted Clinic and Trusted Surgeon certificates. Dental Implants AWARD is yearly award that goes one step further and takes into consideration all aspects which are important for the patients.

Many dental implant clinics, dental tourism agencies and implant manufacturers have taken on the challenge and applied for the award. The Dental Implants AWARD 2018 come in 3 categories and 8 subcategories and have been awarded to 8 winners. Our jury panel has selected the winners on the basis of their achievements during the last year (2017), popularity and positive feedback from patients and innovative dental solutions applied in the treatments offered.

The winners of Dental Implants AWARDS 2018 are:

Clinics of the Year

1. Dental clinic Ostojić for Customer Service & Communications.

This Croatian dental clinic has been recognized for outstanding patient service and consideration for patient needs. Dental clinic Ostojić team understand that patients expect excellent care and support even 24 hours a day and free of charge services which help make a decision about the future treatment. The clinic, among others, offers:

  • free 24-hour emergency contact for all patients
  • FREE first medical consultation
  • FREE digital panoramic X-ray
  • FREE treatment plan
  • Lifetime warranty for dental implants.

2. INDEXMEDICA (Metropolis S.A.) for Personalized Treatment.

This Poland-based clinic has been awarded for going the extra mile in personalized patient treatment. Indexmedica’s goal is to treat their patients individually and offer custom-tailored treatments to all of their patients. At Indexmedica:

  • the minimum and maximum number of visits in clinic are agreed individually with the patient,
  • payment plan is flexible – you do not have to pay all at once. Patients can pay 40% in advance after the first visit at the clinic. Only after the last visit patients pay the rest amount. The clinic accepts three different currencies PLN, EUR, GBP and payment by card;
  • you can benefit from general travel assistance as a free option,
  • you get free airport pickup,
  • free hotel-clinic transfer,
  • hotel discounts – INDEXMEDICA cooperates with selected hotels in Cracow. The hotels offer high standards and attractive prices for Indexmedica patients.

3. Poliklinika Bagatin (Bagatin Clinic) for Full Mouth Reconstruction Treatment

Bagatin Clinic has successfully performed hundreds of full mouth reconstruction treatments using Straumann implants and oral surgeries. The clinic’s dentists and oral surgeons carry out a number of surgeries on a daily basis including alveotomy, bone grafting or sinus lift. Full mouth reconstruction is a procedure which requires careful planning and execution, but, at the same time, a procedure that very often changes patients’ lives. The clinic’s patients know that they safely put their oral health in the hands of experts at Bagatin Clinic.

4. Implant Center Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Hungary for Innovations

This Budapest-based clinic houses 8 dental treatment rooms, 4 surgeries, ENT and dental laboratory all under one roof. Apart from winning the Dental Implant AWARD 2018, the clinic has been 8-time Best of Budapest & Hungary award winner in ‘Health and Medical Service’ category. The clinic offers:

  • one-day surgical procedures in the fully equipped operating room, post-surgery medical supervision and a private room for recovery.
  • veneers, crowns and other prosthetic works made according to the newest professional guidelines by the clinic’s in-house dental technical laboratory.

The dentists from Implant Center Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Hungary have already placed 28,000 implants with the same satisfactory result each time. Their oldest patient was 95 years old. At 99 she is still enjoying the functionality of her new teeth and has been attending annual check-ups for the last four years.

5. B. Dent for All-On-Four Treatment

B. Dent, dental clinic from Zagreb, Croatia, excels in providing all-on-four treatment. The dentists there work only with premium Nobel BioCare implants and Nobel Clinician software which, along with the CT scan, help to create a detailed treatment plan.

The clinic’s experts use the PRF method (Platelet Rich Fibrin) that allows for quicker and less painful post-surgery recovery. This is a process involves using patient’s own blood to source protein rich material and use it for faster bone growth and soft tissue healing. Thanks to this revitalization method the downtime after all-on-4 treatment is minimal and almost pain-free.

Surgeon of the Year:

DMD, MSc, PhD Marina Ježina from Dental Care Croatia

Dr. Ježina is, without a doubt, a Surgeon of the Year for DentalimplantsFriends’ panel. Dr. Ježina’s extensive education and expertise include:

  • M. Sc. degree in Orthodontics from the University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine,
  • doctoral degree in Oral Medicine at the same university awarded in 2012,
  • diploma of Master implant program at the University of California, Los Angeles,
  • knowledge of fixed, removable and computer-assisted orthodontics – acquired in London under prof. Andrew McChance’s guidance;
  • course of cosmetic dentistry and no-prep veneers under the President of the European Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Galip Gürel (European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry) in Istanbul.

Such broad training and continual professional development allows dr Dr. Ježina to be one of the top dental specialists in Croatia and in Europe and excel in patients care based upon solid know-how and qualifications.

Manufacturer of the Year:

Mode Dental Implant by Mode Medikal Turkey is a fast-growing tooth implant brand. Mode Medikal is a unique manufacturer in the implantology sector. During dental implant and sub-products manufacturing process the specialists at Mode Medikal use pure water instead of industrial oil which facilitates more effective sterilization. Mode Medikal innovative techniques include producing only one type of implant screwdriver for all superstructures of implants, that is convenient to use for dentists.

At present, Mode Dental Implant systems are exported to over 30 countries. The variety of tooth implants offered under the Mode Implant brand present ready aesthetic solutions for all bone types with maximum performance in all possible treatment protocols.

Agency of the Year:

AllDental Travel is a unique Bulgarian medical tourism agency that offers assistance throughout your entire dental treatment journey. Each patient can benefit from the help of personal patient adviser and convenient remote phone/e-mail consultations.

AllDental Travel provides assistance in:

  • airport pickup and airport-hotel transport
  • free mobile phone with a Bulgarian number for easier communication
  • booking dental appointments
  • arranging accommodation
  • coordinating dental assessments
  • precise, accurate and quick diagnostics

AllDentalTravel has solid several years of experience on the market of medical tourism and continues to assist international patients looking for qualitative and affordable dental care services.

DentalimplantsFriends would like to congratulate all the winners for their continuous hard work, their achievements and innovation in the field of dental dentistry which they had implemented in 2017. We believe that being recognized by the Dental Implants AWARD 2018 will help you to continue grow & develop your offer, maintain the high quality of patient care & treatments and to offer your patients even more affordable services with superb results.


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